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FN-FAL magazine prices


DS Arms SA58 FN-FAL, surefire G2X Pro and Maxpedition Noatak

The FN/FAL has been used by militaries all over the world, so why are the magazines so expensive on the consumer market? Take the AK-47 magazines for example, their usually dirt cheap. Years ago I remember AK mags being around $3 – $5 each. Just about every newsletter I subscribe to, every gun parts magazine, and every gun show I go to has AK magazines from all over the world.

Maybe the abundance of AK magazines is because their coming from money strapped communist countries that are phasing out the AK-47 in favor of more modern rifles? While the countries that used the FN/FAL are in a stable financial situation?

Another point of few – maybe the communist countries are selling off their surplus firearms accessories to keep them out of the hands of their own people?  If you do not want the peasants revolting, make sure their unarmed.  To ensure that the peasants do not have access to firearms, sell the rifles, magazines,,,,, and everything else other countries like the USA.  I have never heard of Canada selling off their excess firearms parts, like what Romania, China and Yugoslavia has done.

If communist countries selling off their spare parts was the answer, then why are the H&K91 / PTR-91 magazines so cheap?  Several months ago a buddy of mine found some PTR-91 magazines for around $1 each.  Even if PTR-91 magazine prices go up to $10 each, that is still about half of what the standard FN/FAL magazine cost.

Post your comments in this forum thread asking why are FN/FAL magazines so expensive?

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