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Another weekend has passed

Another weekend has passed
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East Texas Deer StandThese are the kinds of weekends I hate. “Hate” is a strong word and I don’t like to use it very often, but I think its a good term for weekends like this. So the question is, why did I “hate” this weekend? Because my kids had to go back to their moms house.  Their bedrooms are dark, the computers and TVs are off, waiting on my son and daughter to return.  When I look into their rooms, the silence is almost deafening – I miss and love them more then words can describe.

My son and his girlfriend are going to some kind of pageant in a couple of weeks. This is not your usual beauty pageant, as my son has to escort his girlfriend. So my son and his girlfriend had to go pick out a tux for the pageant on Saturday.

Saturday was also baby-sitting day. My step-daughter and her friends wanted to go ride their 4-wheelers, so we watched her kids for the evening. My daughter and I were also supposed to watch the remake of “Nightmare on Elm street” Saturday night, but we were baby sitting instead. My step-daughter showed up around 10:45pm or so to get her kids, and by that time it was too late for my daughter and I to watch our movies.

Sunday rolls around, its drizzling rain outside, but not too cold. I get up before the kids, get my breakfast of sausage, egg and cheese croissant and a banana. My daughter got up, and I helped fix her a breakfast of croissant and a sliced golden apple. A couple of hours after eating breakfast, checking emails, playing left 4 dead, and my daughter having time to check on all of her stuff, we finally got to sit down and watch the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. As an encore, we watched RED staring Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Karl Urban.

Between Nightmare on Elm Street and RED, I think RED was the better of the 2 movies.

While my daughter and I were watching Nightmare on Elm Street, my wife put some hot dogs on the stove for lunch. I fixed a couple of chili dogs with jalapeno peppers, cheese and mustard. My daughter fixed a couple of plain hot dogs with just mustard.

During the course of Nightmare on elm Street my son came in, got a couple of hot dogs, watched some of the movie, but did not seem too interested; so he went back into his room and played Black Ops.

Even though my kids and I did did not do a whole lot this weekend, we have some big plans in the coming weeks. A few weeks from now we have plans on going to the camp, aka “Bug Out Location” and do some stuff up there.

List of stuff to do a the bug out location in a few weeks:

Organize ammo stockpile – we have ammo spread out over 3 different rooms
Start on the gun range
Plant an oak tree
Prune the pear, apple and peach trees
Work on my brothers bar-b-q pit
Get some target practice with a couple of rifles

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