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Weird zombie dream last night

I dont know if its from playing too much Left 4 Dead 2 before I went to sleep, but I had one of my usual “weird” zombie dreams last night.

There was no story plot, just a bunch of people that I did not know and myself were held up in a nice neighborhood.  By “nice” I mean that the houses were nice.  They all had fenced in backyards that had wooden privacy fences.  The house we were in, was in a culdesac.  A group of people and myself went house to house securing the area.  I had my DS Arms SA58 FAL instead of my AR15.

At one point we (the group and I) are out on the street when a guy and a couple of his buddies drive by with a boat in tow.  They stop and we talk for a few minutes.  It seems that they are heading out to the river to live there.  Food has run out in the city, so it was time to find the food.  Since the river can be a good supply of fish, that is where they were going.  When asked about the zombies, the guys going to the river said they were just going to have to deal with it.

It seems that the zombies were attracted to lights at night and sounds.  So we had to take towels and secure them around the windows to make sure that no light got out at night.

Like a lot of my dreams, there was no ending and I did not die somewhere in the dream.

Dreams usually have some kind of meaning.  When I have a lot of worries in my life, those worries usually come out in my dreams.

The other day I had a dream that I was almost crushed to death when an 18-wheeler hit my truck.  The “crushing” is symbolic of the stress and worries that I have in my life.  I feel that I have taken on too much in live and I’am being crushed by that load.

When I was married to my ex-wife, I used to have nightmares all the time that dealt with death.  The death in my dreams was symbolic that the relationship between my wife and I was dying.

So what are the zombie dreams symbolic of?

Post your comments in this forum thread about having zombie dreams.

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