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Posted by Kevin Felts On June 26, 2010 2 Comments

“which one should I buy, an ALICE Pack or a MOLLE Pack?” – that is one of the questions that I see a lot of on the forum. The answer is not a simple one. Before you can answer a question, sometimes you have to ask a few questions.

How much room do you need
How rugged do you need the frame? – the MOLLE pack has a plastic frame, ALICE has a metal frame

A couple of weeks ago my son, nephew and I went on a boating / camping trip. We loaded up the gear, launched the boat and headed out to a camping spot on the river. While we were there, I decided to put together a video about the packs and do a little comparison.

My first exposure to the ALICE pack was way back in either 1992 or 1993. One of my good buddies had just came back from the first Persian gulf conflict, and one of the first things he did was buy himself a medium ALICE pack to replace the one he had been using in the ARMY. I liked the pack so much, I bought myself one. The difference between my buddies pack and mine – my pack was woodland camo, while my buddies pack was olive drab. After using the medium ALICE for a few years, I found it was a little so, so I bought a large ALICE pack in olive green.

My first exposure to the MOLLE pack was a couple of months ago after I bought 3 packs off ebay.

People are like the rain fly of a tent

Posted by Kevin Felts On June 22, 2010 Comments Off

Do you play it safe and leave the rain fly on overnight – just in case it rains? Or do you leave the rain fly off, and will deal with the rain when the time comes? Do you leave the rain fly on, so no wild animals can peak into your tent at night. Or  [ Read More ]

One man tent for a bug out bag

Posted by Kevin Felts On June 12, 2010 0 Comments

There has been ideology going around the survivalist circle for the past couple of decades – if some kind of end of the world event happens, I’ll just load up my Bug Out Bag and head to the hills. If you go to just about any survival forum, there will be dozens, if not hundreds, or even thousands of threads about what kind of back pack would make a good bug out bag. One of the next most popular questions is – what kind of one man tent would be good for a bug out bag.

Here are some of the things I look for in a tent

Weight – how much does the tent weigh? The more the tent weighs, something else has be be removed from the pack to keep the overall weight down.

1, 2, 3 or 4 season tent – where are you going to be using the tent, will it be for hot weather, cold weather, wet weather, or something else? If you live along the gulf cost where it rarely snows, do you really need a 4 season tent? If you mostly go hiking / camping in hot weather, you want to make sure the tent breathes well.

Most of my hiking / camping is done in hot weather – so I look for a tent with a removable rain fly, and mosquito netting across the top of the tent. This allows a cross breeze to go across the person in the tent, and helps with the removal of collected body heat inside the tent.

Heavy metals in protein powders and shakes

Posted by Kevin Felts On June 12, 2010 Comments Off

For those of you stocking up on protein powders as an emergency food prep, you might want to think again – either that or be very picky about which brands your buying. Consumer reports has published a study details their testing for heavy metals. Some of the results exceed safety guidelines. To view the Consumer  [ Read More ]

Do you cut your own grass

Posted by Kevin Felts On June 9, 2010 Comments Off

Over the past week or so, this part of East Texas has been having almost daily thunderstorms. Well, today we did not get any showers, so my wife and I decided to cut the grass. As I was pulling out the lawnmower, thoughts went through my head about a blog post I should make. The  [ Read More ]

Deer lease in Southeast Texas

Posted by Kevin Felts On June 5, 2010 Comments Off

If you live in the Southeast Texas area, and if your looking to get on a hunting lease, I just happen to know of a lease looking for members. Cost – $900 per year Off deer season – access to over 5,000 acres During deer season – each person has their area to hunt on,  [ Read More ]

Win a gearpods survival kit

Posted by Kevin Felts On June 2, 2010 Comments Off

How would you like the chance to win a GearPods Backcountry survival kit system? If you dont know what the Gearpods system is, just visit their homepage – Gearpods is a modular kit system, you can mix and match parts to design the best survival kit to fit your needs. There are going to  [ Read More ]

Texas summer heat is almost here

Posted by Kevin Felts On June 2, 2010 Comments Off

A lot of survival forums have special sections on wilderness survival or cold weather survival – I think there should be a section for hot weather survival. In cold weather you can put more clothes on (if you have them), you can build a fire, build a shelter, build a wall to reflect the heat,  [ Read More ]

Survivalist Security

Posted by Kevin Felts On June 1, 2010 Comments Off

Security is something that is often overlooked.  We reach a point in our lives where we are comfortable – we get up in the morning, get a shower, brush the teeth, get dressed, go to work, go to lunch, go back to work, go home, watch a little TV, go to bed – repeat. Friends  [ Read More ]

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