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Being able to think for yourself

Being able to think for yourself
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What is it with people not being able to think for their self?  Its as if some people just accept what their told as fact and never ask any questions.  They just form a line to the stupid door and file in order.

Children – One example, my wife and I have a friend of the family that lets her children cry themselves to sleep.  The oldest child, being 5 years old has some serious issues – such as yelling at the parents, hitting, fit throwing, and will not cooperate with anyone.  When you ask the oldest child to do something, it usually results in a screaming fit.

What do I blame the childs problems on – lack of affection on the parents part.  Someone told the mother that if the child is held too much, it will get spoiled.  But what was not told – not holding your child can result in the child developing social problems.  So instead of holding the child while its upset, the mother lays the child in the bed and lets it cry itself to sleep.

Lets put some thought into this issue – the oldest child displays social anxiety problems, and the parents keep doing to the same thing,,, but expect a different outcome?  I see a life of medicated existence in the near future for those children.

Jobs – go to work for a company, spend your life working for a slave wage, and when your body is broken you retire and die in a pile of your own feces.  Not exactly the way I want to live.

When your in school your told to get an education and go to work for someone else – that is NOT how you make money.  You make money by providing a service, or manufacturing a product.

Someone explain why I should spend my life making someone else rich?  I don’t think so.

Taxes – go to work, pay your taxes, only for the money to be sent over seas to take care of people who are not US citizens.  Would you pay your neighbors bills?  If so, I have an electric bill that needs paying.

Voting – why do people insist on voting for the 2 major parties?  If you vote for the democraps and the republicants, and neither of them represent the will of the people, why continue to vote for them?  Vote for the Libertarian Party – if you want real change, vote like it.

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