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Stop and give thanks

Stop and give thanks
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thanksgiving turkeyNext week is Thanksgiving. But like a lot of people, my family and I are having a get together this weekend and next week. This week we are having my wifes kids (my step kids) and their families over for a celebration. Next week on Thanksgiving, my wife and I are going to the house of my brother and my parents.

While talking to my daughter this morning, I stopped to think about how often people give thanks.

My family has been very blessed this past year:

Everyone in my family has a job
Everyone is well, and nobody is in the hospital
Everyone got to keep their home
Everyone has food to eat
Everyone has a little expendable income

Saturday evening my son got an 8 point whitetail deer that weighed in at 156 pounds. That deer will provide my family with enough sausage for about 4 – 6 months. If we can get a doe, we will have enough hamburger and sausage to last almost a year. I consider my family blessed that we have food in the pantry and a freezer full of meat.

On Thanksgiving, my wife and I are going to my mom and dads house and to my brothers house. Both of which had to rebuild after Hurricane Ike. My brothers house got something like 4 – 5 feet of water in it and my parents house got 9 feet of water. My parents house was considered a total lose, and it was demolished.

This is the first Thanksgiving my brother or my mom and dad have had in their house since the rebuild after Hurricane Ike.

I consider my brother and my mom and dad blessed that they were able to rebuild and move forward with their lives. A lot of people have not been so lucky. I know some people that have not been able to rebuild over 2 years later. Either they lacked insurance, or the resources to rebuild, or they were cheated out of their money by con-men.

So while we grumble about all the bad stuff, lets stop just for a minute and give thanks for all of the good stuff we have in our lives.

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