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Growing Tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes
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stink bug on grape tomato

Stink bug on grape tomato

Tomatoes– one of the the topics I love and hate at the same time. If you see some tomato seed at the local store – go ahead and buy some. If nothing else, you can say you have some tomato seed stocked up.

Tomatoes are rich in nutrients, they can be eaten raw, and their easy to preserve in jars.

One of the problems with tomatoes – the bugs love them as much as your do. When the tomatoes start to ripen, if their not picked before they turn red, the bugs will have a field day. So pick the tomato right when you see a little bit of red on it, and then put it on a window seal to finish ripening.

Tomatoes do well in a slow release organic fertilizer, like in rabbit, cow or horse manure. Some of my best results with tomatoes have been from either horse manure or miracle grow organic potting soil, and some 13-13-13 fertilizer. One year I spread a bunch of dried horse manure in a raised bead, mixed in some 13-13-13 and I had more tomatoes then my family and I could eat.

One of my favorite types of tomatoes has to be the Grape Tomato – these are bite sized tomatoes that go well with just about anything, kids like them, their a high producing plant and their supposed to be an open-pollinated / heirloom tomato.

On each branch of the grape tomato plant there might be 8 – 12 grape tomatoes. In other words, when it comes time to pick the grape tomatoes, your going to get hand fulls of them.

Tomatoes are pretty easy to transplant. Meaning they can be sprouted in a green house, and then transplanted outside after the last frost has passed. This lets people get a head start on the growing season.

Video about some tomatoes I planted in May of 2010.

This video was posted back in 2008. Its kinda blurry – sorry about that. I did not know how to use the video editing software enough to make the videos turn out any better. Shortly after this video was posted on youtube, I finally figured out the editing software and the video quality improved.

But anyway, this video shows some tomato plants.

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