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Saving pumpkin seeds from halloween

Saving pumpkin seeds from halloween
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One of my favorite quotes is – “utilize available resources to achieve a desired goal.”

Resource – Pumpkin seeds from pumpkins bought for Halloween.
Desired Goal – stockpile seeds for a survival garden.

Wash the seeds to remove any pumpkin residue – to help prevent mold growth. Then let them dry for a week or 2, put them in a paper bag, and put the seeds in the freezer. Be sure to mark the date on the paper bag.

You may want to do a sprout test – take 10 seeds, get a cookie sheet, put a hand towel on the cookie sheet, put the 10 seeds down, cover with towel, and pour some water over the towel. Keep the towel wet for about 5 days, and see how many seeds sprout.

However – due to evaporation, the towels might stay cool. If the temperature of the water and towels is say below 70 degrees the seeds may not sprout. So keep them in a warm place. Doing a sprout test only works if you can keep the towels and water warm enough to fool the seeds into thinking its spring time.

I keep my seeds in a plastic tub, which is kept in the deep freezer.

Post your comments in this forum thread about saving pumpkin seeds.

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