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The Walking Dead Episode One First Impressions

The Walking Dead Episode One First Impressions
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AK-47 AR-15 Survival RiflesThe first episode of “The Walking Dead” aired last night on AMC.  And I must say, I was impressed.  Unlike a lot of other zombie movies out there, The Walking Dead is not a 90 minute movie, its going to be a series.  This gives the producer time to develop relationships and build characters to a greater degree then what could be done in the limited time frame of a 90 – 120 minute movie.

At first I thought The Walking Dead was a mix of 28 Days Later and The Crazies.  The main character is a cop – like in The Crazies, and he wakes up after the situation has developed – like in 28 Day Later.  But instead of being in a major city, this is a rural community.

The story unfolds, the main character meets other people, makes some friends, and tries to find help in Atlanta, Georgia.  A lot of people may not understand why Atlanta, Georgia is important – the Centers for Disease Control main office is in Atlanta.  So it makes sense that if someone wanted to find out information about a new outbreak, Atlanta Georgia would be the focus point.  The CDC address is 1600 Clifton Rd. Atlanta, GA 30333, and is listed on the bottom of the CDC website. I was not paying attention to the street signs last night, so I don’t know if they showed Clifton Road.

So far The Walking Dead seems to be holding true to the classic zombie style movie. To kill the zombie, you have to destroy the brain or remove the head. Unlike in Shawn of the Dead, we Americans use baseball bats instead of cricket bats.

Instead of people having AK47s or AR15s, they had what you might expected to see middle America – a bolt action rifle and some pump shotguns.

Lets stay tuned for next weeks episode to see how things turn out.

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