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The WASR-10 AK-47

The WASR-10 AK-47
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The WASR-10 AK-47 is a Romanian variant of the Russian AK-47 rifle. The rifles uses a receiver made in the USA, unlike the SAR series that use a Romanian made receiver.

The equivalents with Russian models are:

  • AKM: WASR-10 (7.62×39)
  • AK-74: WASR-2 (5.45×39)
  • AK-101: WASR-3 (5.56×45)

wasr-10 ak-47

WASR-10 Specs:

  • Overall Length: 35 inches – including muzzle break
  • Barrel: 16 inches – including muzzle break
  • Stock: Wood
  • Pistol grip: Plastic
  • Caliber: 7.62X39

The WASR-10 rifles are made with stamped receivers and were originally intended for single-stack magazines. After the so called “assualt rifle ban” expired, the receivers were milled to accept a double stack, high capacity magazine.

WASR-10 rifles feature a chrome-lined barrel and wooden stocks. The WASR-10 rifles are imported by Century Arms Intl. It is at the Century Arms Intl. factory where they widen the magazine wells and install Tapco-compliant parts.

From a survivalist point of view, the AK-47 and its 7.62X39 is well rounded for hunting deer sized game and for urban survival. Th rifles are cheap – but continue to creep up in price, the magazines are cheap, and the ammo is cheap. Overall, there is nothing not to love about the WASR-10 AK-47, except maybe the quality of the workmanship.

There are numerous complaints of magazine wobble and a canted front sight (front sight leaning to one side). Sometimes you get what you pay for in life, and the WASR-10 might be considered a cheap rifle. If you want better quality, go ahead and spend the money and get a real Russian AK-47.

On the magazine wobble – some magazines fit better then others. May “made in China” AK-47 magazines have a little bit of wobble in them, while the Bulgarian AK-47 magazines seem to fit just fine.

From the Speer reloading manual #11:

  • 7.62X39 – 110 grain bullet travels 2,000fps – 2,200fps out of an 18.5 inch barrel
  • 30-30 Winchester – 130 grain bullet travels 2,000fps – 2,400fps out of a 20 inch barrel
  • 308 Winchester – 130 grain bullet travels 2,000fps – 3,300fps out of a 22 inch barrel

Some people consider the 7.62X39 a 30-30 short. And from the bullet size and velocity, this seems to be pretty close to being true.

*Velocities vary depending on charge, primer, and other various conditions

When I bought my WASR-10, I paid about $399 + tax, which brought the total to somewhere around $425. Thinking back, I kick myself for not buying a case of Russian made AK-47s in the 1980s, when they were $75 each. But who knew that a $75 rifle would turn into a $750 rifle 20 years later. I remember being at a Port Arthur, Texas gun back around 1984 or1985, and brand new Russian made AK-47s were priced at $75 – $99, and people were just passing them by. If I remember right, the regualr model with a full stock was $75; and the para-trooper model with a folding stock was around $99. I wish I would have bought 6 of them back them.

Some of the things I like the WASR-10 – its a rugged rifle, and since it did not cost a “lot” of money, I dont mind if it gets scratched up a little bit.  This is the kind of weapon that can be strapped to the front a 4-wheeler, stored behind the seat or in the trunk of a car, stored in a bug out location / remote camp, and the magazines are cheap.  I remember going to one of the Houston, Texas gun shows and getting AK magazines for $3 each – that is 5 magazines for $15.  That makes it easy to stock up on enough AK mags for your home and your bug out location.

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