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Censorship on a grand scale

Censorship on a grand scale
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I’am willing to bet that King George, Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, and Hu Jintao are proud of President Obama and his current band of Stormtroopers.

In case you have not heard, certain people at the White House (lets call it the Red House, Red for shame and communism) wants to block access to certain internet sites – White House Asking Registrars To Voluntarily Censor ‘Infringing’ Sites.

Under the disguise of protecting people, the government wants to gain more power.  Didn’t we hear this once before, like when the government asked people to approve the income tax.

Lets say that internet service providers start blocking sites, whats next?  If the owner of the ISP votes democrat, will he/she be block access to pro-Libertarian sites?  If the owner of the ISP is Catholic, will he/she block religious sites that are not Catholic?  What about Muslim sites, Jewish sites, Baptist sites,,,,,.  Once the ball starts rolling, where does it stop?

Just say no to censorship, its just a bad deal all the way around.

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