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Cyberwarfare has stepped up a notch

Cyberwarfare has stepped up a notch
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Usually wars are fought man-to-man, with some kind of weapon like a rifle, knife, plane, ship, club,,,,,.  But now, it seems that warfare has stepped up a notch.  What would happen if a foreign country could take control of a computer system, and then use that computer system to launch attacks?  It seems that we are just a couple of steps from that very situation.

Its been announced that computer systems in Iran have been infected with the Stuxnet malworm.

Instead of terrorist having to plant bombs, or highjack planes, why can’t they just infect some computer systems – like the systems that monitor nuclear reactors – and cause some real world damage.  Could we just imagine 2 or 3 nuclear reactors going down across the USA at the same time?  Or how about a US warship launching its missiles against Washington DC?

At the very least, its something to consider.

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