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My kids and the peppers

My kids and the peppers
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It was sometime around 1998, 1999 or early 2000 I was growing some jalapeno peppers and banana peppers behind the house. The problem was, my 2 youngest kids liked to go out there, and pick and eat the peppers.

If you pick a jalapeno pepper when its small and before the seeds develop, it is not hot. The seeds is what makes the peppers hot – no seeds usually means its not hot. So the kids could pick the peppers and eat them with no problem – but only when the peppers are small.

Since the kids were eating all of my peppers before I could get any, I used to grip at them – “dont eat all my peppers, they have to grow a little bigger.” I wanted to jar some of the Jalapeno peppers and use their juice over beans and rice. The banana peppers I would eat straight, their not hot at all.

I guess the kids thought the peppers needed to get bigger before they were eaten.

One day I was in the dinning room on the computer, when one of the kids came running inside crying. At first I thought the crying was because the child was hurt. But then the other one said – “they ate a pepper,,,,,,.” I dont remember if it was my son or my daughter, but one of them had gotten ahold of a full size Jalapeno pepper and ate half of it. I got them some milk, and some ice,,,, after awhile their mouth started to feel better.

That will teach them not to eat my peppers.

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