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September 11 Koran Book Burning

September 11 Koran Book Burning
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I’am pretty sure just about everyone has heard of the planned September 11 Koran book burning. After all, its been on the world news for the past week, its been on the radio, youtube,,, just about everywhere you go, there people talking about the plan to burn 100s of Korans.

Here is my take on the issue, and its a double edged knife:

1 – Maybe it needs to be done. If people are going to attack the USA in the name of Islam, then we should have the right to protest against Islam. How do you protest something? You burn its symbol. This is no different then people in the middle east burning the American flag.

2 – On the other hand, burning the Koran could further damage Christian / Muslim relations. Let us be the better person, stand up, and turn the other cheek.

3 – The Koran is a holy book. From what I understand, it mentions the virgin Mary more times then the Bible does. Out of respect for religion as a whole, lets not burn the Koran.

My personal opinion – I have to favor not burning the Koran, it just seems like a bad thing to do. There are good and bad people in everything we do – there are good Christians, and there are bad Christians, just like there are good and bad Muslims and good and bad Jews.

In the town I live in, there are several gas stations owned by Muslims – I have not met a single one I did not like. Just about every Muslim I have ever met has been friendly, and has extended their hand in peace and friendship.

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