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Rambo First Blood

Rambo First Blood
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Rambo First Blood was released in 1982, stared Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna and Brian Dennehy and I was 14 years old. From what I witnessed in the 1980s, Rambo was released at a pivotal point in our nations history. The Vietnam conflict ended in 1975. 7 years had passed from the time the Vietnam conflict ended to when Rambo First Blood was been released. 7 long years for our nation to lick its war wounds and start to recover.

Sylvester Stallone plays the roll of John Rambo, a Special Forces Green Beret.

Brian Dennehy plays the roll of the local sheriff.

Richard Crenna plays the roll of Rambos commander from Vietnam.

In away, Rambo addresses some of the issues that all soldiers deal with – the memories, finding a job, a non-understanding public, and integration back into society.

These are the same issues that society dealt with after Vietnam, and we are dealing with now with Iraq and Afghanistan.

Having worked with some Vietnam vets in the 1980s and 1990s, it seems to me that they went through a tough time re-joining society. Vietnam Vets served this great nation, and what did they get in return? I remember one of the vets telling how when he landed back in the USA and was walking through the airport, anti-war protesters were lined up spitting on him and his war buddies. That is no way to welcome back people who served this nation.

Rambo addresses the anger and hatred surrounding the Vietnam conflict; but instead of anti-war protesters, its a small town sheriff and his deputies.

Besides addressing the difficulties of integrating back into society, John Rambo sets an example of what 1 well trained and determined man can do. Not only did he escape from a jail, but he highjacked a motorcycle, escapes into the wilderness where he survives through his training, wits and well honed survival knife.

The Rambo Survival Knife – Talk about an American icon. After the release of Rambo First Blood, survival knifes were the hot fad. There were TV commercials about hollow handled knives, they were in just about every outdoor gear magazine,,, lets just say they were the hot item of the day. Most of the Rambo Survival Knives came a survival kit, which usually consisted of a wire saw, hooks, line, maybe some matches,,,, just a bunch of small items that did not take up a lot of room.

The problem with the Rambo hollow handled survival knife, is that without a full hilt tang, the blade can bend and break off where it attaches to the handle. In other words, they look nice, but their not very strong. Just dont use it as a pry bar, and everything should be fine.

Over the past few days the AMC (American Movie Classics) channel on Dish Network has been playing Rambo First Blood almost everyday. This is not a movie that gets old or boring when its watched over and over. Its an ageless movie that never gets old. This is not a movie that is outdated in 2, 3 or even 10 years. The issues that Rambo addresses hold true whether its 1982, 1992, 2002, or 2010.

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