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10 books written by Presidents

10 books written by Presidents
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Last night I received an email from – I subscribe to their emails to keep up-to-date on issues. But after reading their list of 10 books written by presidents – I might have to unsubscribe.

All but 1 – Ulysses S. Grant – are 20th century Presidents. Where are the books written by Monroe, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, Washington,,,,, people that saw first hand what tyranny was like.

I could really care less about Herbert Hoover – who was President when the great depression started. He really proved his leadership skills when the nation needed him – so “why” would I want to read anything by Hoover?

Bill Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement, which shipped jobs to low wage factories in Mexico. I do not care to read a single word written by Clinton.

If that is the best list they can come up with, maybe they need to spend more time in the library.  I’am pretty sure that the Federalist Papers would be a more interesting read then anything on the above list.

The only 2 Presidents that showed any type of leadership skills were Ulysses S. Grant and Theodore Roosevelt. Now their books might be of interest.

Instead of books talking about freedom and fighting tyranny, we have books by presidents that signed free trade agreements, (which shipped millions of jobs overseas) and presidents that have increased our debt to the Federal Reserve.

In other words, we have books by presidents that promote tyranny, instead of how to fight tyranny.

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