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Teaching someone to fish

Teaching someone to fish
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There is an old saying “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you will feed him for life.” I think that applies to more then just fishing.

If you give someone a pay check and a grocery store, you will feed hm for a few days.

If you give a man some land, and some seeds, you may feed him for a few weeks or even months.

The difference in the 2 above comparisons, most people pick their lifestyles. Given the choice between feeding themselves, or having someone provide their food for them, most people will pick the easy way out and have someone provide their food. This makes us variable and weak. This makes us sub-servant to others.

For a true survivalist, the idea of being sub-servant (or dependent) is repugnant. We want to stand on our own feet, we want to be independent from grocery stores, we want to know where our next meal is coming from.

When you say to yourself “I need some cucumbers for that salad” – do you think about going to the store and buying your cucumbers, or do you think about growing your own cucumbers?

There is nothing wrong with buying your food. But always keep in the back of your head, that you can stand on your own feet and grow your own food.

Lets say that a disaster happens – whether its some kind of disease outbreak, nuclear war, meteor impact,,, and there were no grocery stores, what would you and your family do for food? I like to call that situation “The Dog Bowl Theory.” This is where people line up at the grocery store, looking at the empty shelves, and wondering how they are going to eat.

People along the Gulf Coast and Atlantic seaboard have seen examples of this kind of situation. When a hurricane is expected to make landfall, wherever the strike zone is located at, people will make a run on the stores – cleaning out the shelves. And its not just in the impact zone, people traveling along the evacuation routes will clean stores out.

Lets take the town that I live in for example – we have 2 grocery stores, a super Wal-mart and a Brookshire Brothers. With a population of 8,000+ people, it would not take long to clean those 2 stores out if the public went into panic buying mode.

Once the food is gone, what then? How many people will be looking for a hand out? How many people will be calling their friends and family asking for food? And how many people will go fishing?

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