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Top 6 diseases post STHF

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There is a thread going on over at the forum – Post-Disaster Disease Management. During the discussion, the thread was kinda derailed into a discussion on Tuberculosis (TB), Whooping Cough, and other diseases. While looking for some information on the most common diseases, I found a page on the World Health Organization website – Six diseases cause 90% of infectious disease deaths.

From the WHO site:

Diarrhoea (Diarrhea)
Tuberculosis (TB)

Some of the diseases that I expected to see were not listed, such as Whooping Cough, Small Pox, Plague, and water borne diseases. After all, the Plague has killed more then its fair share of the human population over the past 1,000 years. Instead of listing all of the water borne diseases separately, I’am going to guess they were grouped together and listed as Diarrhoea.

On the topic of Tuberculosis (TB) – the WHO says that “nearly two billion people – one-third of the world’s population – have latent TB infection.” When the person becomes sick, and their immune system becomes weak, the TB infection can break out.

The question is, have you reviewed your infection control plans? Do you have N95 facemask (or something similar), do you have non-sterile surgical gloves, do you have hand sanitizer.

For you metal workers out there – the face shield you use for grinding can also be used as s face shield for taking care of infected patients. The face shield provides full face protection from cough droplets and vomit projectiles – be sure to wear safety glasses and an N95 behind the face shield.

Diarrhoea (Diarrhea) – according to the WHO website, Diarrhoea kills around two million children every year.

With the topic of Diarrhea in mind, have you reviewed your water filtration and water purification plans?

Post your thoughts on this topic in the forum thread about Post-Disaster Disease Management.

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