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Feel the Future sale at Safecastle

Feel the Future sale at Safecastle
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Our friends over at Safecastle are having a very nice sale on Mountain House foods. This is a limited time offer – August 1, 2010 – August 31, 2010. So if your looking at stocking up on some survival food, now is the time.

Current Offers:
(These apply in the U.S., other than the specific Canadian offers in #5 below.)

1. The mega-comprehensive Get It Done food package. 84 cases of food. 20% discount, free shipping for members and non-members alike. Members get a free 9-tray Excalibur Dehydrator (value $275) and a can of Grandmas Country non-hybrid emergency storage seeds (value $50.00) as well. (You will also get all of the gifts listed in #4 below.) Save $2250 on the food alone!

2. We are offering a rare discount on all Mountain House pouches in our store. Non-club-members get 5% off and free shipping. Members get their additional 20% discount on top of that. Pouch case purchases do not qualify for the volume incentive gifts in #4 below.

3. Use your club-member 20% discount and purchase 28 full cases or more in any combination of Future Essentials, Yoders, and Grandma Werlings products (excludes half cases and sampler packs) — THEN receive a Safecastle gift certificate for $300 to use on any subsequent transaction in our store (plus your qualifying gifts below in #4). Need we keep saying it?–Free shipping.

4. Now through August 2010, we are offering volume incentive gifts for buyers club members who purchase any type of listed storage foods in cans. Yes–normal buyers club discounts apply. As always, MH cans are not eligible for member discounts due to manufacturer dealer rules. However those MH can purchases do certainly count toward the incentive levels below. (Note–Purchases are not cumulative. These gifts are awarded and based on single transactions, unless otherwise arranged with Safecastle beforehand.)

Visit the Safecastle website for all of the details and get your fair share before this special goes away.

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