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Thoughts on kerosene lanterns

Thoughts on kerosene lanterns
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Kerosene is one of those things that just does not fit into my survival preps.  Since I tend to think about long term survival plans,  and kerosene will run out sooner or later, so how does all of that fit together?  And then there are the hazard of using kerosene lanterns – fire hazard, health risk from fumes, glass breakage, storing kerosene,,,,.  Because of all of this, I have decided to put kerosene into the short – mid term survival plans.  In other words, kerosene would probably only be used for a couple of months – or until supplies run out.

On the other hand, I’am thinking of just phasing kerosene out all together – except for very limited plans and supplies.  The question your probably asking is “why would you want to phase kerosene out?”  The answer – there are too many risk.  Why should I use something that poses a fire hazard and children can knock over?  Fire + children = do not go together.  If a fire and fume risk can be eliminated, then why not?

This is where solar powered lights come into effect.  Solar is cheap, its free (besides the initial investment), its renewable, is safe, poses very few fire risk,,,, so why not use it?

For those of you that think solar powered lights are difficult to find, just watch this video.

This past week, the BBC posted an article about solar powered lanterns. In the article, its stated that 1.5 million people die every year due to fumes from kerosene lanterns. Think about that just for a minute – 1,500,000 people die every year from fumes produced by kerosene lanterns – that is a lot of people. If that risk can be eliminated, then why not?

Lets consider the cost of kerosene – I keep my fuel in 16 gallon drums, for the same cost to fill up one of my drums, I could buy a couple of solar powered lights. In the long run, the solar powered lights will keep producing long after the kerosene has run out. So why buy kerosene to start with?

Besides lanterns and lights, there are kerosene space heaters – now these I can keeping a couple of, especially if you live where it gets really cold in the winter time.

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