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Heavy metals in protein powders and shakes

Heavy metals in protein powders and shakes
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For those of you stocking up on protein powders as an emergency food prep, you might want to think again – either that or be very picky about which brands your buying. Consumer reports has published a study details their testing for heavy metals. Some of the results exceed safety guidelines.

To view the Consumer Reports testing, check out this page on the Consumer Reports website – What’s in your protein drink

If your stocking up on protein powders as part of your survival food preps, post your comments in this forum thread – WARNING about protein powders and shakes.

On a side note, I think its pretty amazing that metals like lead can work their way into our food supply.  For over 200 years people have known what kind of problems lead can cause in the body, but for some reason companies still allow it into food?  Is this an issue of the companies do not care, or they jut do not know.

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