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Win a gearpods survival kit

Win a gearpods survival kit
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How would you like the chance to win a GearPods Backcountry survival kit system? If you dont know what the Gearpods system is, just visit their homepage –

Gearpods is a modular kit system, you can mix and match parts to design the best survival kit to fit your needs.

There are going to be 2 contest running at the same time.

Here is how to enter:

To register for contest #1, members must register on the home page at – all they need to do is enter an email address – bottom of the left column. We send at most 4 emails a year and after the contest, members can easily unsubscribe from future emails.

To register for contest #2, Post your best overall design for a GearPods survival system using any kits and components currently available from the Gearpods site, up to a total of $300.

Post your design in this thread – design your gearpods system

Post your questions in this forum thread about the Gearpods contest.

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