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Survivalist Security

Survivalist Security
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Security is something that is often overlooked.  We reach a point in our lives where we are comfortable – we get up in the morning, get a shower, brush the teeth, get dressed, go to work, go to lunch, go back to work, go home, watch a little TV, go to bed – repeat.

Friends and family come over, we may talk about prepping, or getting ready for a disaster,,,, maybe we say too much, maybe we say more then we should.

There is an old saying that I try to live by – “loose lips sink ships.”

Nobody but you and your family needs to know what kind of preps you have.  If you have a years worth of beans, rice, MREs, fire wood,,,, nobody else needs to know about it.

The worst kind of survivalist security is talking about being a survivalist or a prepper around those that are not.  Then they take what you told them, and spread it around.  They tell their friends, and those people tell more people.  If you live in a small town, before long everyone in the community has plans on going to your house if there is ever a disaster.

Tell no one about your plans.

Tell no one about your preps.

Tell no one about your food stocks.

Tell no one about your Bug Out Bag.

Tell no one about your bug out location – or how your going to get there.

Tell no one about your generator, or any other backup plans.

In other words, act just like all of the other sheeple – that way you do not attract attention.  As far as anyone else knows, your going to be in the same situation as everyone else if there is a disaster.

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