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Storing MREs

Storing MREs
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Awhile back I posted a video on youtube about storing MREs.  Lets just say that some of the comments are either really funny, or really sad – depending on how you look at it.

It all started when a buddy of mine cleaned out his food stockpiles and gave me about 8 1/2 cases of MREs. Not being the one to pass up free food preps, I gladly accepted the MREs and loaded them up in the SUV. On the way home my wife and I decided to get one of those plastic shelving systems from a local big box mart.

One side of my sons closet was cleaned out, the shelving system was assembled and the MREs were put on the shelves in order to when the test / inspect date. The ones dated in 2011 were put on the bottom, the ones dated in 2010 on the second shelf up from the bottom, and the ones that your supposed to test were put on the third shelf up from the bottom. Some backpacks / daypacks were put on the very top shelf.

The following video is the one that I posted on youtube.

Examples of some of the comments:

You should not store the MREs in your house, because they will expire faster – ok, I dont even know what to think about that comment. If you not supposed to store the MREs in your house, where are you “supposed” to store them?

How are you supposed to reach the MREs if SHTF? – Do some of these people live in a fantasy world or something? Do they expect nukes to fall out of the sky at any second, blasting away bridges, roads,,,,. I guess I’am “supposed” to carry the meals around in the trunk of my car, or in the back seat of my truck?

Why do you have the meals stored in your house? You should buy a shed and store them there – Do people not realize that MREs are heat sensitive? The high the temp the meals are stored at, the shorter the life span. Here in East Texas we are in the lower 90s by May, upper 90s in June, and usually in the lower 100s in July and August. Storing the meals in temps that high could take years off their life expectancy.

As a long time survivalist, I just dont know what to think about some of those comments. Is common sense missing from our society these days?

If we were talking about a case of canned soup, would people be saying these same things? Or is just because we are talking about MREs?  Storing MREs is no different then storing a case of noodles, or some dried beans, or some soup. Why would people want to move MREs into the 100 degree heat but keep their canned goods in the house?

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