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Sodium content of MREs

Sodium content of MREs
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For people with high blood pressure, the sodium content in MREs is an important consideration. Before you stock up on MREs as a survival food, first take a look at these numbers.

Beef ravioli in meat sauce – 1,080mg
Beef Stew – 850mg
Beverage Powder, Grape – 150mg
Beverage Base Powder, Lime Lime – 20mg – 150mg
Beverage Base Powder, Orange – 20mg – 150mg
Cappuccino, Mocha – 0mg
Cappuccino, French Vanilla – 0mg
Cinnamon Imperials – 12mg
Cinnamon Scone – 310mg
Cheese Spread (fortified) – 300mg
Cheese tortellini in tomato sauce – 840mg
Cherry Blueberry Cobbler – 170mg
Chicken and Dumplings – 240mg – 820mg
Chicken Fajita – 980mg
Chicken Fajita Filling – 700mg
Chili With Beans – 630mg
Clam Chowder – 340mg – 370mg
Cocoa Beverage Powder – 140mg
Crackers, Vegetable – 230mg
Crackers – 130mg
French Vanilla Cappuccino Powder – 50mg
Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet – 390mg
Jalapeno Ketchup – 180mg
Meatballs in Marinara Sauce – 1,620mg
Mexican Style Corn – 450mg – 580mg
Peanut Butter – 220mg
Penne with vegetable sauce crumbles in spicy tomato sauce – 710mg
Raspberry White Chip Cookie – 160mg
Spaghetti with meat sauce – 810mg
Strawberry Dairyshake Powder – 260mg
Strawberry Toaster Pastry – 190mg
Tortillas – 320mg
Tortillas – 400mg
Vegetable Crackers – 220mg
Veggie Burger in barbecue sauce – 1,130mg
Wheat Snack Bread – 120mg

All of these values came from my own personal stock of MREs. One thing that I noticed while looking through the meals, the sodium content would vary. So your MREs may not have the same “exact” sodium content as what has been posted here.

Couple of canned food examples

Chef Boyardee mini Ravioli – 15oz can – 950mg of sodium
MRE Beef Ravioli in meat sauce – net wt. 8 oz., – 1,080mg of sodium
Maruchan Ramen hot & spicy noodles – net wt. 3oz – 2 servings per package – 770mg per serving – for a total of 1,540mg of sodium
Campbells Spaghettios meatballs – 14.75 oz can – 650mg of sodium

Pleas post your comments in this forum thread about the salt content of MREs.

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