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Example of E. Coli infection control

Example of E. Coli infection control
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There is an interesting example of E. Coli infection control by a Health Department in Washington State.  Instead of closing the day care, and telling the parents not to take their children elsewhere – in other words, quarantine the children – the children are allowed to return to the source of infection.

This provides a good example of how health officials might react if there is an outbreak of a much larger disease.  If we go back to when the swine flu first broke out in early 2009, the officials in the US government refused to close the borders.  The reason being – it would cost business too much money to close the borders.

The opinion I have – the local, state and federal governments will be powerless to stop an outbreak of a disease.  Whether its refusal to quarantine, or its “going to cost too much money”, the government will not take actions to stop the spread of infectious diseases.

Now lets say that some kind of new killer disease breaks out in Asia, and Central America.  If we use the Swine Flu example and what the governments have done in the past, the new disease will be free to roam free and kill as it wishes.

Do not depend on the government to protect you from a new disease – they are not willing to do what it takes.  From previous examples, its going to be up to you and your family to protect yourself.

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