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Trip to the camp

Trip to the camp
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A couple of weeks ago my family and I made a trip to the camp.  The wisteria was blooming, the weather perfect, and life was good.  As we were packing up to go to the camp, I took the time to load up some survival stuff and “make a haul.”

Over the counter pain killers – instead of buying a few packages, my wife was able to get a couple of boxes which contain 250 doses of advil and tylenol.  So that gives the family 500 doses.

Water Filter – the Royal Berkey was loaded up and brought to the camp.  The Royal Berkey is made out of stainless, so the rodents will not be able to chew any holes in it.

How about a video on the Royal Berkey just for the fun of it.

While we were at the camp messing around, I decided to take some mental notes, so here goes.

The fruit trees -need pruning and are starting to bloom.  Over the past couple of years I have neglected pruning the peach trees, but I’am going to have to fix that problem next fall.

We need more eating utensils – Why do we have so few metal forks and spoons?  It seems that all we have up there are plastic ware.  So I’am going to have to keep an eye out for metal forks and spoons going on sale, or check some of the local garage sales.

Wood stockpile – is getting a little low.  I’ll probably have to buy a cord of wood this summer.  Instead of cutting the firewood myself, it would probably be easier just to buy it.  After you figure in gas and time going to the woods, wear on the chainsaw,,,, it seems that the prices would equal out.

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