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Move on you have enough gas

Move on you have enough gas
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This is a real story, as it was told to me. As far as I know it based on actual events.

Location – Lufkin, Texas
Date – a couple of days after Hurricane Rita passed through.

The story – this guy was at a gas station filling up several 55 gallon drums. Gasoline was already in short supply. Before Hurricane Rita made landfall, Houston, Texas had evacuated. As the people from Houston passed through the small towns of East Texas, they were like locust, cleaning out the resources of the small towns – such as food, hotel rooms, bottled water and gasoline.

Someone walks over to the guy, pulls out a pistol, points it at him, and says “you have enough gas, move on.”

Who is in the right and who is in the wrong?

Was the guy hogging more then his fair share of fuel?
Did he need that much fuel?
Was he bringing the gasoline to people further south in the Hurricane affected areas?
Did he have a special needs person and needed the fueul for a generator?
Was the guy with the gun in the wrong for forcing the other person to move on?

Some of the gas stations in Lufkin started rationing fuel – cars were only allowed to get 45 dollars worth of fuel and then they had to move on.  At time, gas cost 2.99 a gallon, so $45 of gas at the time was not much. Some of the gas stations had police officers at them to ensure peace and order.

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