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What is your survival gear fetish

To some survivalist, collecting gear is like collecting stamps, or collecting coins – we can always find a way to justify buying something new. For some people its boots, backpacks, a compass, hats, gloves, sleeping bags,,,, you get the picture.

I guess my gear fetish is backpacks, I just like having the right pack for the job. Whether its a day hike, over night camping trip, 8 mile hike in 100 degree heat,,, its nice to have the right pack to carry the gear.

For over 10 years my daypack, overnight hot weather pack was a simple Jansport cloth backpack – very much like a school book bag.  When more gear was needed, I would carry my medium or large ALICE pack.  ne thing seemed certain – the larger the pack, the more gear someone is to carry.  So having a large pack is not always a good thing.  After my gear selection outgrew the medium ALICE, I bought a large ALICE pack.

In 2009 I received a couple of packs from Maxpedition, and they quickly became my favorite packs.  The Jansport pack that served me well for years was tossed to the side in favor of a Maxpedition Falcon II Pygmy.

My current backpack list includes:

Jansport cloth backpack
Camelbak Raider
Maxpedition Proteus Versipack
Maxpedition Falcon II Pygmy
Maxpedition Condor II
Maxpedition Vulture II
Medium ALICE
Kelty Big Bend

Post your comments in the gear fetish thread of the forums.

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