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Planting Potatoes, Peas and Corn In a Survival Garden

Planting Potatoes, Peas and Corn In a Survival Garden
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Potatoes, peas and corn – plant them in that order.

Commercial grade fertilizer has 3 numbers, such as 13-13-13. Those three numbers stand for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (also called Pot Ash).

nitrogen – large leaves, tall growth – greens, spinach, corn, okra
phosphorus – root growth – potatoes, turnips
potassium / pot ash – pod production – peas, beans, corn, okra, squash

Home grown potatoes

Potatoes – use fertilizers with a high middle number, such as 10-20-10 fertilizer. The higher phosphorus content helps promote root growth.  The potatoes can be harvested and eaten at anytime.  Just dig around the base of the potato plant and pull out the potatoes when you want some to cook.  Or, wait until the top of the plant dies, then you know the potatoes are full grown and ready to harvest.

Peas – produce their own nitrogen and returns it to the soil.  Depending on what type of pea or bean you plant, defines whether they can be harvested several times, or just once.

Peas such as the purple hull pink eye, will only produce 1 or 2 good harvest.

Snap beans on the other hand can be harvested several times.  Harvest the immature pod, boil and they are ready to eat.

Corn – needs nitrogen to grow tall stalks.  It it comes time to harvest the corn, its only harvested one time, and that is when the ears are ready to be removed from the stalk.

Wildlife, such as raccoons can be detrimental to corn.  Raccoons will bend the stalks over and eat the corn.  Deer will eat the young corn sprouts.

Plant the potatoes in early spring. Shortly after the potatoes are harvested, plant some fall peas or snap beans. The peas or beans will finish using the fertilizer left over by the potatoes and return nitrogen to the soil.

The following spring, plant corn. Or maybe even plant the 3 sisters – corn, squash and peas.

When your looking at peas, look for BVR. The BVR peas are Virus Resistant.

Choose field corn over sweet corn. Just about all sweet corn is hybrid.

Planting some potatoes in February of 2010.

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