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SHTF Survival Garden Seeds

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 25, 2009 0 Comments

Every survivalist should have seeds stockpiled for a survival garden. The first questions is, why would anyone need a “survival garden?” During extended wide spread disasters, food production and shipments might get disrupted. Most grocery stores only have a few days worth of supplies in their warehouse. When the panic buying kicks in, those stocks could be wiped out in a matter of hours.

In the days before a hurricane makes landfall, local grocery stores are cleaned out. There is no reason to think the same thing will not happen if there is an outbreak of some kind of new disease, or some kind of other world wide event.

During outbreaks of the plague in the middle ages, starvation was a serious issue. As farmers were dying off, and the merchants died off, there was nobody to raise the food or ship it to the cities. People who live in an urban environment, and who depend on the grocery store for their food – they especially need to take home gardening very seriously.

Lets start with the video.

Food sources in streams and creeks

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 24, 2009 Comments Off

If your in a wilderness survival situation, keep in mind that everything in the world needs water.  So if you come across a creek, stream, pool of water, pond, lake or river, chances are your gonna be able to find some kind of food source. A couple of days ago my kids and I (Kevin)  [ Read More ]

Final review of the Maxpedition Proteus Versipack

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 22, 2009 0 Comments

maxpedition proteus versipack

This is the last part of a Maxpedition Proteus Versipack review series. For the other two parts, see these links – Versipack part 1, Versipack part 2.

From the very first moment I handled the versipack I was impressed. Its the attention to detail that makes this a quality product. Its as if no short cuts were taken and some real thought was put into the design of the pack.

Its the simple things such as YKK zippers, triple polyurethane coated for water resistance, internal seams taped and finished, paracord zipper pulls, double stitched Stress points – all of these add up to make a high quality product.

In the following video I have 2 – 1 quart military canteens attached to the pack. I found out later that the attachment points are designed for MOLLE equipment and not ALICE clips. But that is ok, the ALICE gear still attaches just fine, its just a little tight.

With the canteens on the pack, its gets a little heavy. This makes the waist belt a little difficult to adjust. So what I did, I had someone stand behind me, pick the pack up with the built in grab handle, then adjust the belt. To do this by yourself, just back up against a tree and let it hold the pack in place when you adjust the belt. Without the canteens it would not have been any big deal.

Not able to prepare for a disaster

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 21, 2009 Comments Off

Over the past couple of decades there has been a disturbing trend that is becoming more and more visible. And that is families that are not able to prepare for a disaster. Its not because they do not want to, its because most people can not afford to purchase the basic essentials. In the 1970s,  [ Read More ]

Wilderness survival quiz ID these things in the water

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 20, 2009 Comments Off

This should be a pretty simple question, even for a 5 year old. This picture and the video was filmed on a rock flat where the overflow from a stream goes. Meaning, when the stream overflows, the water runs over this rock flat. When the water recedes there are these pools of water. Inside one  [ Read More ]

Thoughts on Hammock Camping

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 20, 2009 Comments Off

Sometime around 1994 or 1995 a couple of my buddies and I went on a camping trip in the bayous of Orangefield, which is just north or Bridge City, Texas. It was like any of the other dozens of trips we had been on, expect for the amount of snakes we saw on that trip.  [ Read More ]

Trip to Bridge City

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 19, 2009 Comments Off

My wife, my 2 daughters, 2 grand kids and I made a trip to Bridge City today to go see mom and dad. Moms birthday was on July 17th and they are getting moved into their new house this weekend. Its been 10 months since hurricane Ike passed through and the recovery process is still  [ Read More ]

Preparing for a plague

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 19, 2009 Comments Off

How do I prepare for a plague? That question has been on a lot of peoples minds over the past few years. With the recent release of the swine flu, and the past talk of the bird flu people seem to be getting a little more serious about plague survival. Because there is more and  [ Read More ]

Survival quiz finding water in the wilderness

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 14, 2009 Comments Off

The question is, how do you find water in the wilderness? In the following video example there is a dried up creek bed with evidence that water had been there – such as small pools and discolored sand. The video was taken in East Texas, just north of Jasper.  Over the past month the lack  [ Read More ]

Heat related problems while hiking

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 13, 2009 Comments Off

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious conditions that should not be taken lightly. When you or a member of your party starts showing signs of being over heated, take action at once. The solution is to get the person cooled off, but when its 100 degrees in the shade, and 105 – 110 in  [ Read More ]

Wilderness survival books

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 7, 2009 Comments Off

A new wilderness survival books section has been added to online store lineup. These are the kinds of books that every hiker, camping or even day hikers should include in their pack. Whether your trip is 1 day or a week long excursion – its always good to have a book on wilderness survival in  [ Read More ]

Contest for a PC game

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 3, 2009 Comments Off

Over that the Elite Gamers forum there is a contest going on for 2 PC games. 1st place prize – Any Steam game or game bundle worth $50 or less. 2nd place prize – Any Steam game or game bundle worth $25 or less. Check out this thread on how to enter the contest and  [ Read More ]

Fresh Potatoes

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 1, 2009 Comments Off

Fresh Potatoes just pulled up. Related PostsPotato plants three weeks after planting Planting potatoes for 2014 garden What To Plant In The Spring 2013 Garden Old style potato farming Crop Rotation

Maxpedition proteus versipack

Posted by Kevin Felts On July 1, 2009 Comments Off

Looking for a fannypack / buttpack that you can just grab and go with? Well, the Maxpedition Proteus Versipack might just fit the bill. Dimensions: * Main: 9″ x 6″ x 3″ * Frontal: 8″ x 5″ x 1.5″ * Side: 6″ x 3″ x 1.75″ * Belt: Integral Waist Belt at 49″ max. Product  [ Read More ]