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Ray Mears builds a shelter in the rainforest

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 29, 2009 Comments Off

In this video, Ray Mears builds a shelter in the jungles of a rainforest. Special thanks goes to the BBC for posting this video on youtube.  Be sure to visit the official Ray Mears website. Related Posts98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive Survival kit for small boat Building a debris shelter Fire  [ Read More ]

Woods shock the silent killer

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 27, 2009 Comments Off

Woods shock refers to a persons mental state after the realization that they are lost. Its the effect of taking someone from their normal environment, and putting them into a situation where they do not have the slightest idea where they are at. The degree, or level of woods shock varies from person to person.  [ Read More ]

North Korea pushes world to the brink of war

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 26, 2009 Comments Off

It seems that someone hit the rewind button, and is replaying 1939 all over again. This time its Kim Jong instead of Hitler. How long will the world have to wait before something is done about this madman? Will China support this puppet that is acting like a master? How long will Japan tolerate North  [ Read More ]

Stihl Chainsaw Description

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 23, 2009 Comments Off

Stihl chainsaws are probably one of the best chainsaws on the market. This video was filmed in early 2008 while my son in law and I were cutting up a red oak tree. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, tornadoes or any other type of widespread natural disaster, chainsaws should be a  [ Read More ]

The survivalist and their garden

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 23, 2009 Comments Off

Its important for the survivalist to take gardening seriously. When the food stocks are gone, whatcha gonna do then? Seeds are cheap when compared to stockpiling other types of food, seeds last longer the most types of canned foods, and most seeds are reproducing. If you buy an MRE or some freeze dried food, after  [ Read More ]

Using cotton balls and vaseline to build a fire

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 23, 2009 Comments Off

In this video I discuss building a fire with cotton balls and vaseline. There are several things I learned from making this video. One – vaseline by itself does not burn. Second – do not coat the outside of the cotton ball with vaseline or else it will not burn. The sparks have to be  [ Read More ]

Flooded roads after a natural disaster

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 22, 2009 Comments Off

After natural disasters – such as a hurricane – roads may become flooded and impassable. This video was filmed after Hurricane Ike passed through the Southeast Texas area in September 2008. Its important to know where the back roads are and how to use them. Related PostsWhat is normal behavior after a disaster Why Prepare  [ Read More ]

Coleman 533 dual fuel stove

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 22, 2009 0 Comments

The Coleman 533 dual fuel stove may not be small enough to take on an extended hiking trip, but its just right for around a camp site such as a park or survivalist retreat. If you need a stove to take to the lake or local park, then take a look at the Coleman 533 dual fuel stove.


Dual Fuel engineering: operates on clean-burning Coleman Liquid Fuel OR unleaded gasoline
Fully-adjustable 10,500-BTU burner
2.1-pints fuel tank runs for up to 2 hours on High setting
WindBlock system shields burner for maximum heat and reliable operation in all weather conditions
Filter funnel included

Propane tanks for the survivalist retreat

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 22, 2009 Comments Off

Propane tanks can provide the remote survivalist camp with fuel for stoves, ovens, hot water heaters and even generators. When considering whether to store propane or gasoline, keep in mind that propane can be stored for years. Two of the main reasons why I like propane – it stores well, and it has a multiple  [ Read More ]

Portable water storage example

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 22, 2009 Comments Off

Sometimes local feed and fertilizer stores will get 16 gallon drums in stock – these can make excellent water storage solutions. Most of the time they were used to ship some kind of syrup, and the inside smells like Dr. Pepper. These may not be good for storing drinkable water, but will probably make a  [ Read More ]

Survivalist camp example

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 22, 2009 Comments Off

Example of a deer camp – survivalist camp. Camps like this provide a secluded retreat where people can wait out disasters such as an outbreak of some kind of pandemic disease.

Tips on hunting wild hogs

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 22, 2009 Comments Off

Wild hogs are highly mobile animals that will travel long distances to find food. One of the favorite locations to find food is around a wildlife feeder, also called a deer feeder. Related PostsWild Hog Killed By Coyote Or Wild Dog

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Marlin Model 60

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 22, 2009 Comments Off

The Marlin Model 60 is a semi-automatic, tube fed, 22 caliber rifle.

Caliber: 22 long rifle
Barrel length: 19 inches
Overall length: 37.5 inches
Weight: 5.5 pounds
Capacity: 14 round tube magazine

Complacency and disaster preparedness

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 22, 2009 Comments Off

After a few false alarms, people become complacent with their disaster preparedness plans. Meaning, that they do not think that anything serious is going to happen. When you let your guard down, that is when the real disasters strike. Related PostsGalveston ferry sucks What kind of disaster are you prepping for Disaster Preparedness Manuals Remembering  [ Read More ]

Fruit tree considerations for the urban survivalist

Posted by Kevin Felts On May 20, 2009 Comments Off

One part of the survivalist preps that is often over looked is the fruit tree. Instead of having to plant a garden every year, just plant a few fruit trees. Take care of the trees, give them some fertilizer, keep the bugs off of them, keep them trimmed and you might just have a food producing machine in your backyard.

Most people have a corner in the backyard where a fruit tree could be planted. If there is not enough room for a full sized tree, look into some miniature fruit trees. Some of miniature types only grow to be 6 – 10 feet tall.