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Pertussis whooping cough

Posted by Kevin Felts On February 27, 2009 0 Comments

Before we begin, The author of this article (Kevin) is NOT a medical professional. This article should NOT be considered as medical advice, because its not. If you want more information about Pertussis, please visit a medical professional or contact your local health department. Pertussis (also known as the whooping cough) is a highly contagious  [ Read More ]

Evacuation plans

Posted by Kevin Felts On February 26, 2009 0 Comments

Every family unit should have some kind of evacuation plan in place. These plans should include, but are not limited to: Road Maps – detailed maps of your area, including all the way to the destination.  Know where the construction zones are and ways to avoid those areas. Supplies for the trip – this includes  [ Read More ]

Disaster preparedness plans

Posted by Kevin Felts On February 25, 2009 Comments Off

What are you and your family doing to prepare for a disaster? Plans should include, food, water, shelter, evacuation routes, and any special needs. Related PostsWhat kind of disaster are you prepping for Disaster Preparedness Manuals What to take in a bug out situation Texas starts their Disaster Preparedness campaign Trip to the camp

Where would you go?

Posted by Kevin Felts On February 23, 2009 Comments Off

If you and your family had to evacuate, where would yall go? Part of the answer also depends on the situation, needs of the family members and type of disaster. Shelter in place or leave? There are many factors should help determine where there is a real need to evacuate, or whether the family unit  [ Read More ]

Canon PowerShot D10

Posted by Kevin Felts On February 20, 2009 Comments Off

One of the problems with running a website that uses a lot of pictures and videos, is copyright infringement.  To ensure that I do not violate any copyrights, I take all of my own pictures and film all of my own videos.  To do this, a good quality camera is needed. The first camera I  [ Read More ]

Contaminated drinking water

Posted by Kevin Felts On February 15, 2009 Comments Off

In a wilderness survival situation, its important to know what kind of diseases and parasites you could be exposed to. The lake in the video is called Steinhagen Reservoir, also known as Dam B, which is located in a rural part of East Texas. The location of the lake is important, because there are people  [ Read More ]

Almost time to plant potatoes

Posted by Kevin Felts On February 12, 2009 0 Comments

As spring gets closer, there is one crop that you people with a green thumb can go ahead and plant – and that is the potato. Potatoes are easy to grow, are a good source of nutrition and can be stored for a long period of time.  If you want to plant some potatoes, go  [ Read More ]

Time to plant your fruit trees

Posted by Kevin Felts On February 11, 2009 Comments Off

As spring nears, its time to get your fruit trees in the ground.  The time is growing short, so if you have been thinking of planting that peach, apple, fig or plum tree, now is the time to get it in the ground. Related PostsIdentify this fruit tree

Are you going to plant a spring garden?

Posted by Kevin Felts On February 6, 2009 Comments Off

In these uncertain times, growing your own food makes good financial sense. There was a news report today that around 7% of the US population is now out of work. With money having to go to pay the house bill, electric bill, insurance and other expenses, having a home garden could free up some money  [ Read More ]