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Month: January 2009

Autoimmune disorders and breastfeeding

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Before we get started, I (Kevin) am not a medical professional. What has been posted here is my opinion, and is not medical advice. Do not even consider this article as medical advice, because its not – its jut my non-professional opinion.

There was an interesting article on the British Broadcasting Company website about Autoimmune Disorders.

Here is the link –

There was one paragraph that really stood out.

There is compelling evidence that something in our immune systems has changed since our ancestors, in fact has changed since our great grandparents.

One major factor in our society has in fact changed since our grandparents, and that is the number of women that breastfeed their children.

When a woman breastfeeds, they pass some of the disease resistance that they have developed to the child. If the child is not breastfed, that child has to develop resistance to diseases without the help of their mother. In other words, children that are not breastfed are thrown into a world full is disease and left to defend theirselves on their own.  We would not let a dog attack our child and not help.  So why would parents not want to help their children when a virus or bacteria attack?  How many parents would die trying to defend their children from an attacker, but some parents will not even breastfeed.

Starting in the mid 19oos, more and more women started bottle feeding. There were even TV commercials that told people how good formula was for the baby. And how science has improved baby formula so that it is better then breast milk. We now know that those TV commercials were a lie.

Breastfeeding has a life long effect on your child. Give your new baby the best start it can have – breastfeed your baby.

If you wish to comment on this article, please post your thoughts and opinions in Autoimmune Disorders and Breastfeeding thread of the Survival Forum.

George A. Romeros Diary of the Dead

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First impressions – this is a pretty good zombie flick. Maybe not a great movie, but it is good. Diary of the Dead addresses some real issues that would face our society if a wide spread disaster were to strike.

During the 1918 flu pandemic, governments did not want want the public to know that was a world wide flu pandemic going on. News outlets were asked not to talk about the seriousness of the outbreak. The Spanish flu is called the Spanish flu because a news agency out of Spain was the first to report the seriousness of the pandemic.

Has too much really changed between 1918 and today? I highly doubt it.

In the movie Diary of the Dead, the government tries to suppress the truth of the outbreak. From previous real life examples, could we really expect any less if there was an outbreak of the plague or bird flu today?


16 gallon portable water solution

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Every survivalist should consider some kind of portable water solution. Whether this is 5 gallon buckets, 7 gallon drums or like in this video, 16 gallon drums.

The drum in this video will hold 16 gallons of water, but I only put 15 gallons in it. This is to leave a little head room. These drums originally held some kind of Dr. Pepper syrup. But its nothing that some soap and water will not wash out. When the drums were bought and brought home, dish washing soap was squirted into the drum, a water hose was inserted into the mouth and the water hose turned on. The water was allowed to circulate through the drum for 10 – 15 minutes. Then the drum was turned over, drained, stood back up and the water hose reinserted.

The water stored in these drums are used for hand washing and for general clean up. I do not consider this water drinkable.

Valkyrie with Tom Cruise and political party loyalty

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This past Saturday my wife and I went to go see Valkyrie with Tom Cruise. The movie was pretty good and gets a rating B+ or A-. Not enough political movies are made of our recent human history. If people will not pay attention to their government, maybe the big screen can help put the facts in front of the people.

Saturday afternoon I was putting some thought into the movie and doing some comparisons. There is a lot of differences between the USA of today and Nazi Germany, but one thing is the same – blind loyalty. In no way is the Nazi party even close to the Republicans and Democrats. Even though the political parties may not have anything in common, the people of Nazi Germany and the people of the USA do have something in common – and that is blind loyalty to a political party.

In the movie Valkyrie it was clear that the people of Nazi Germany had a blind loyalty to the government. In todays political system, its still the same. There are people that will only vote democratic or republican – no matter what happens. No matter what their elected official does, those people are still loyal to that party.

Just as blind loyalty resulted in the destruction of Germany and the Nazi party, so will that same loyalty destroy the USA.

If you want real change, the two major parties have to be removed from office. The only way to do that is to vote for another political party. Do not be blind to what is going on in front of your eyes. Do not turn a blind eye to a corrupt government. During the next election, vote for the the Libertarian Party. They are our only real hope for change.

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Baby food considerations after a disaster

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One consideration that is often over looked is baby food. Even though baby food is artifical food, and should be avoided, feeding infants after a disaster should be a serious consideration.

In the “real” world there is no such thing as baby food. There are no trees that grow jars of baby food, there are no baby food seeds that can be planted to grow a baby food plant. The only natural food for infants and babies is breast milk. Everything else is artificial food.

With this in mind, mothers that breast feed have a distinct advantage over mothers that do not breast feed. In the event of a disaster, mothers that breast feed their infants do not have to worry about formula, bottles or nipples. This means that infants that are breast feed have a better chance of survival in the event of some kind of wide spread or long term disaster.


Questions about survival gear

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If you have a question about survival gear, then visit the survival gear forum.

Regardless if your looking for candles, flashlights, bug out bags (BOBs), alice packs, molle packs, or anything else, the community is there to help you. It does not matter what kind of disaster your preparing for – whether its a hurricane, plague or nuclear strike, its important to have the gear to help you and your family get through the event.

Lets start things off with a few example topics:

The best alcohol stove

Cheap water filter

Decent BOB setup for $20

Portable Solar Charger

Survival Candles

Survival gear neoprene gloves

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Neoprene gloves are my preference for cold weather. But these are only good to around 30 degrees. Once the temperature reaches the mid 30’s, I have a pair of thin, insulated gloves that I put on, and then pull the neoprene gloves over them. The rubber of the Neoprene allows the gloves to stretch over the first pair.

With this combination I have a glove system that is good down into the 20’s and provides a good no slip grip.

If you wish to comment on this video, please do so in this thread at the  survival gear forum.

Plans for 2009

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As I look back 0n 2008, I also look forward to 2009.

Over the past few months I have not been my usual self. Korey (my son) got a deer this hunting season, and so far that is all we have gotten is that one deer. Tomorrow is the last day of regular deer season, in 2 weeks there is a youth weekend. Hopefully between tomorrow and the youth weekend Korey or I will be able to get another deer. This will fill our freezer for the coming year.

January – my wife and I planted a bed of onions. I bought the onion sprouts 2 weeks ago but have not felt like planting them. The onions were a mix of 10-15Y and some smaller green onions for salads and baked potatoes.

10-15Y are a large onion developed by Texas A&M.  When the bulb is ready to be harvested, it will be about the size of a baseball.  These onions have a sweet taste and are good for putting on hamburgers.

February – Potatoes go in the ground around February 14th. My wife and I already have to seed potatoes in the shed.

This is also one of the months that I like to go camping.

Plant a couple of apple and peach trees.


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