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Wilderness survival quiz on snake bites

Wilderness survival quiz on snake bites
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snakeLets say that your hiking along, you dont see this snake on the trail, step on it and your bitten – what do you do? Your a couple of miles from the trail head, your out of cell phone range, what should you do in this type of situation?

This picture and video were tank in East Texas, just a few miles north of Beaumont, and during the month of September, 2009. The snake was left unharmed and was not injured in anyway.

My son, step son, and I were hiking along a nice clear stream that flows year round. When we stopped for a break, I walked up on top on a sand bar only to see this snake coiled up.

After filming a video and taking some pictures, we loaded up our packs and moved on down the stream.

Post your comments in the snake bite first aid thread of the wilderness survival forums.

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