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Maxpedition Falcon II Pygmy for a warm weather pack

maxpedition pygmy falcon-iiThis is a Maxpedition Falcon II Pygmy that is used for a warm weather pack. Its just big enough for a day long hike, or a light weight overnight camping pack.

One of the questions I have been asked, “what makes a pack a warm weather pack?” In my opinion, its the packs size – its so small you can not carry spare clothing. In a cold weather camping or hiking situation, you will probably want to bring extra clothing, maybe a hat gloves, extra socks,,,, the usual stuff that hikers and campers my need in cold weather.

In hot weather you can take clothing off, in cold weather you have to have extra clothing to put it on. If the extra clothing is not in the pack, there is nothing to put on.

The Maxpedition Falcon II Pygmy was picked because of its perfect size. Its just big enough to fit everything I carry on a warm weather camping trip.

Inside of the pack I carry:
Rain Poncho
Poncho liner
First Aid kit
2 Compasses
Gerber Multitool
Water Filter
Water Bottle
Nylon Cord
And a some other stuff.

In warm/hot weather camping there is no need in bringing a sleeping bag rated at 40 degrees.  Instead of a sleeping bag, a US military poncho liner is used.  This provides protection from the chilly night air.

Instead of a tent, a hammock is used.  At the very most the rain poncho can be used as a shelter if any rain starts to fall.  If a tent is brought, then bring a light weight one man tent instead of a 2, 3 or 4 man tent.

Some Maxpedition Falcon II Pygmy Pictures:

maxpedition falcon ii pygmy maxpedition falcon ii pygmy maxpedition falcon-ii pygmy

Post your comments in the warm weather overnight pack thread of the forums.

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