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Considerations for a Swine Flu H1N1 outbreak

Considerations for a Swine Flu H1N1 outbreak
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There has been a lot of talk here lately about this swine flu stuff. So I would like to ask the members of this community to review their supplies and make sure you have at least 1 months supply of food.

But,,,, what I’am asking is one months supply of non-dried foods. Dried foods take a long time to boil or soak, and they take a lot of water.

Lets start with the basics – meat and frozen veggies, canned goods, MREs, Eversafe meals, spam, peanut butter, honey, anything that you can cook quick and easily. Just the food in my 3 freezers probably equals close to a months worth of meals. I’am talking ribs, brisket, roast, sausage, boudain, lunch meat, frozen bread, frozen veggies,,,,,,.

Lets say this swine flu stuff gets serious, and it turns into a real killer. Basic utilities will not disappear overnight. The power will be one, the water will be on, the stores will still be open. We need to take advantage of that while it last.

Worse case scenario, is that so many people die, or do not go to work and the basic utilities turn off. There are not enough people to maintain the power lines, or take care of broken lines that if the power goes out after a thunder storm, its just gonna have to stay out.

The frozen food would be my families main course for lunch or dinner. I could spend all day smoking a brisket for dinner and snack for breakfast and lunch. The foods out of the freezers would be eaten first, with saving the canned goods and dried goods for later on.

Survival FoodOne consideration is to plant a good garden when you hear of flu deaths picking up. But why wait? Lets go ahead and start a small garden sometime soon. Just a few plants of greens, spinach, squash,,,, could really help extend your food supply.  Radishes like in the picture, they grow quick and the whole plant is edible.

Sewage, if the water goes out, most people do not have a way to flush the toilet. The sewage will still work, but it needs water. If you have a water source nearby, such as a stream or a lake – water from there can be used to flush the toilets.

Lights, this is where I recommend some hand crank flashlights, such as the Eco Twist’R from EDC Depot.  Those hand crank flashlights are an excellent choice to hand out to kids.  That way the children can run the batteries down, and with a few twist they have light again.  Its one of those “here, take this” and parents dont have to worry about replacing the batteries.

Prescription medicines, have at least a one months supply on hand at all times. Some insurance companies allow people to get 3 or 4 months supply at one time. That might be something to check into.

Hand soap / hand sanitizer, you can buy hand soap in gallon sized jugs to refill the smaller pump bottles. Get a coupleof those stocked up.

Water PumpWater,,,, this is a point of serious consideration. Ever seen the movie 28 days later and the guy has all of buckets on the roof to collect rain water? That is going to be most people that live in a city.

It might be worth it to get with some neighbors to see who has an old well on their land.  Sometimes people will have a well to water livestock, or their garden, or they had well water before city water was available.  If someone has an old well their not using, consider getting everyone to pitch in a buy a good quality hand water pump.

Face mask, also called N95, have some of them on hand.

Medical book, why not have one on hand? That way you have some kind of reference material. You could probably find some good ones on Ebay.

A way to cook, this one sounds almost too simple.  But having a way to cook without electricity is something that a LOT of people overlook.

These are not the answers to questions, this is just brain storming. I just had a few ideas and wanted to share them with yall.  Most of the items listed are pretty basic, but it never hurts to review.

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