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Wilderness survival quiz ID these things in the water

Wilderness survival quiz ID these things in the water
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This should be a pretty simple question, even for a 5 year old. This picture and the video was filmed on a rock flat where the overflow from a stream goes. Meaning, when the stream overflows, the water runs over this rock flat. When the water recedes there are these pools of water.

Inside one of these pools of water are some things that were swimming around. They were about 1/2 inch long, had a head and a tail. For the most part they were just sitting still, but when I moved around, they started swimming. Maybe I scared them?

To help out, here is some geographical information.
Location: East Texas
Date: July 18, 2009

What are the things in the water, what can you do with them, are they edible,,, just post whatever you want in the forums.

Post your comments in this thread of the wilderness survival forum.

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