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Trip to Bridge City

Trip to Bridge City
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My wife, my 2 daughters, 2 grand kids and I made a trip to Bridge City today to go see mom and dad. Moms birthday was on July 17th and they are getting moved into their new house this weekend. Its been 10 months since hurricane Ike passed through and the recovery process is still in full steam.

A lot of the FEMA trailers have been moved out, but there are still a lot in place. What is really sad is to see all of the “For Sale” signs in the front yards. Some people have given up and moving to higher ground. But those are the real Bridge Citians.

I find it rather disgusting that people move to a community, and then run when there is the first sign of trouble. Those kinds of people are called quitters, and in my book they are called LOSERS. A community is built on hard work, sweat, tears and love. And the most important part is love. And if you do not love your community, then go ahead a leave. That way there is more room for those that are willing to work on and build a quality place to live.

We had lunch with mom, dad, aunt Melissa and uncle Ronnie. While I was there, dad had me help him and uncle Ronnie move a washing machine into their new house. We drove over to Norbert street, got the washer out of the old house and brought it to the new house.

Its a good thing to see mom and dad make such a good recovery after getting 9 feet of water in their house. Its been a long, sad and heart breaking road. But the tougher the trip, the greater the reward. And seeing mom and dad get moved into their new house, that is a great reward indeed.

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