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Fire pits

Fire pits
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Fire Pit Fire pits give people the chance to sit outside and enjoy some family time together. Some areas have banned open fires, so the fire pit with a screen cover might be an alternative.

During periods of power outages, these fire pits can provide a way to cook, provide light, and some form of security for the family. Prowlers and thieves are less likely to go around where they can be seen.  From the dawn of mankind, fire has provided warmth and security.  These days, you just have to adapt to your surroundings.  Instead of building a fire in the middle of the yard, these pits provide a defined area where its safe to build a fire.

Instead of using tree limbs or firewood, collect oak timbers from construction zones.  But make sure the wood has not been treated.  Burning treated wood will release chemicals that you do not really want in your food.

For thousands of years, mankind has found comfort next to fire.  Whether it was a Neanderthal 50,000 years ago, a Roman soldier 2,000 years ago, or a family on a camping trip last week – fire provides a comfort zone that few things can compare to.

Not only does fire provide comfort, it also gives us a way to boil our water and cook our food.

Fire pits can provide the urban survivalist a way to build a controlled fire, boil some water and cook some food.

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