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The mindset of radical survivalist

The mindset of radical survivalist
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The 2000s continued

It seems that the 2000s has brought in a whole new breed of conspiracy theories. Its as if the people that promote these agendas do not need any real evidence. Its almost sickening the amount of rumors that are floating around – some new and some old.

The New World Order is still with us.
Scientist are developing man made viruses so people will be forced to buy Tamiflu, which in turn will make Dick Cheney lots of money. Its rumored that Dick Cheney owns some major shares of Tamiflu stock. So if sales go up, stock goes up.
911 was staged to give the USA a reason to invade Iraq.
Jet chem trails are really some kind of chemical the government is spreading.
FEMA is setting up death camps.
FEMA is setting up prison camps.
The government is going to outlaw ownership of guns.
The government is going to implant computer chips in everyone.
The US Government invaded Iraq to take control of its oil.
Iran will be invaded for its oil as soon as Haliburton is finished rebuilding Iraq.
FEMA launched some kind of biological attack on Atlanta, Georgia.
Cameras are being installed all across the nation to track people.

Most of those statements are myths, but some people actually believe them.

In 2008 the economy started the crash. A couple of years before hand, the lust for money led the people working at banks to start handing out flexible mortgage rates. Home buyers, not being able to see what might happen in the coming months fell for the tricks and gimmicks of the bankers and fell into heavy debt. As the teaser rates came to an end, homeowners found themselves unable to pay their house notes as mortgages doubled and tripled.

The US Federal government, instead of helping the everyday working man, gave loans to the banks. The money had to come from somewhere, so the Federal Reserve printed the money with nothing to back it up. This increased the national debt, increased inflation, decreased the value of the dollar and put the tax payers in debt. So now homeowners not only have to pay their house note, they are going to have to pay the loan back to the Federal Reserve. Some people have said we have enslaved our great grand children.

The amount of loans given to the banks would have paid off every house in America.

With the government adding insult to injury, is there any real wonder why people are so mad at their elected officials? The US Government has put measures in place that keep the working man right where they belong, at the feet of the wealthy.

Past the Politics:

From the dawn of mankind people have kept the basic tools on hand to ensure their survival in tough times. This usually included some kind of weapon for self defense or defend the family and property, food – which included crops and livestock and finally some way to trade for needed items or earn money.

In the past few decades things have changed. Cities and neighborhoods have banned crops and livestock. Some areas have even banned fruit trees – because children might eat the fruit and get sick. So lets just forget about teaching our kids not to eat stuff that they do not know what it is, lets just enslave ourselves to the grocery stores.

When did the will of mankind go from taking care of ourselves, to begging for a paycheck? When did we go from picking our own food, to making almost daily trips to the grocery store? When did we go from hunting our own food, to eating meat out of a can?

This is the difference between a survivalist and your “average” person. A survivalist knows that something in society has gone horribly wrong, and does not want to be part of it.

As people are wondering “how” they are going to be able to buy groceries, a survivalist is pcking food from their garden.

As people are wondering why the price of meat has gotten so high, the survivalist is tracking deer and hogs with thoughts of steaks and sausage floating through their heads.

As people are voting the Democratic or Republican ticket and wondering why nothing in Washington is changing, Survivalist are voting third party. Because we know that the only way for things to really change is for the two major parties to be removed from office.

There is nothing radical about being a survivalist. Its just the opposite. There is something wrong with people that are willing to enslave themselves.

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