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North Korea pushes world to the brink of war

North Korea pushes world to the brink of war
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It seems that someone hit the rewind button, and is replaying 1939 all over again. This time its Kim Jong instead of Hitler.

How long will the world have to wait before something is done about this madman? Will China support this puppet that is acting like a master? How long will Japan tolerate North Korea acting like a bully?

Japan should have the right to defend itself. Regardless of what happened in World War II, it is ever nations right to defend itself.

If the United Nations strikes at North Korea, where will China stand? Since the US Congress has passed all of those free trade treaties, the USA no longer has the ability to fight a large scale war. China on the other hand has one of the largest manufacturing bases in the world – given to them by the by US based companies. Companies like Intel, AT&T have given China the ability to fight a world war, while robbing the USA of our ability to fight – and all for cheap labor.

If the United Nations does strike against North Korea, and China stands with Kim Jong, what is the world to do? China, with is massive standing army, huge manufacturing base, and an almost unlimited workforce is one of the largest threats to world peace since Adolf Hitler. Its not North Korea that we should be worried about, its the pitbull guard dog living in the backyard.

Another option, instead of the UN taking action, just give Japan back its military. Japan is a sleeping giant waiting for its time to awake.

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