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Mexico officials ask citizens to close nonessential businesses

Officials in Mexico have asked citizens to close all nonessential businesses for 5 days. Besides the closing of businesses, citizens have been asked not to leave their homes unless its necessary.

Yahoo news posted the article that is being referred to – Mexico shuts nonessential services amid swine flu

This is just my opinion, but if the swine flu continues to spread, we can expect to see this kind of stuff on a global scale. What would it be like for cities such as New York to impose a quarantine or curfew?

Most Americans have never had to deal with this kind of situation before. What kind of civil unrest (and panic buying) would happen if cities across the USA were told to close?

Some of the “further down the road” considerations are items that we use in everyday life. Free trade as destroyed the manufacturing base of the USA. This means that when Mexico shuts down, so does a large part of the USA.

Houston, Texas supplies about 20% of the nations fuel. What would happen if Houston were put under a quarantine? And all citizens were asked to stay at home. The entire nation, if not the entire world would be affected.

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