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Swine Flu updates April 25- 27

Swine Flu updates April 25- 27
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The past few days have been a whirlwind of “Swine Flu” events.

April 25 – Texas closes the high school where the students tested posivite for swine flu.  Around 75 – 100 people are dead in Mexico.  The 75 – 100 varies because different news sites are reporting different numbers.  So its a little confusing as to what the exact death toll is.

April 26 – Texas closes the entire school district where the positive students are from.  Death toll in Mexico nears 100.  Swine Flu is being reported in different parts of the world.  Mexico has cancelled all public events and ordered public places closed.

April 27 – Death toll in Mexico Soars (as one news site states it) to well over 100.  World Health Organization (WHO) raises threat level to 4, saying we are very near an pandemic.  Mexico ordered schools all across the nation to close. The US Government advises against unnecessary travel to Mexico. New cases are being reported in – Canada, Spain and Scotland.

Somewhere between Sunday and Monday, the first case of Swine Flu is reported in Europe. Several other states in the USA reported new cases of the swine flu. The next few days are going to be critical. Right now we are seeing the first phase of the infection, meaning there has been limited person to person infection. The real test of where this outbreak is going will be in the 3rd and 4th phase.

This is when the people that were infected from the original source, pass the infection to friends and family. And then those infected people pass the infection to others.

Right now (Monday) the WHO stopped short of declaring a global emergency. In the past 24 – 48 hours the number of cases have doubled across the globe. The next 24 – 72 hours will help determine the future of the Swine Flu outbreak.

If the outbreak continues, its important to realize the effects this can have on the world economy. Everything from car and truck parts to food will be effected in some way or another.

In 2008, parts of the world lost their crops in part to drought and in part to flooding. With groups of the population either sick or under quarantine, who is going to grow the food? The crops will be grown and shipped to market, but I suspect that the food shortages from last year are going to be nothing compared to what might happen.

Its important to keep an eye on the situation and stay informed. If you have a comment on this article, post your comments in the swine flu outbreak thread of the disaster preparedness forum.

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