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Cases of Swine Flu reported in Texas California and Mexico

Cases of Swine Flu reported in Texas California and Mexico
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The Texas Department Of State Health Services has posted a bulletin that 2 confirmed cases of Swine flu have been reported in Texas.

This is from the Texas DSHS website:

Laboratory test results received today from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that the illnesses were caused by a swine influenza A (H1N1) virus. Preliminary lab data suggests that the virus closely matches the viruses from recent swine flu infections in human cases from Southern California.

End Quote

There is no need for panic, but there is reason for concern. This is supposed to be a new type of flu. Which is a mixture of flu viruses typically found in pigs, birds and humans.

As of when this article was posted, there are no deaths inside the USA that are directly related to this new type of swine flu.

For updates to this article, visit the Swine flu cases reported in Texas California and Mexico thread of the disaster preparedness forum.

On a personal note, what concerns me is that the human population will not have any kind of resistance to this new type of flu. For years scientist have been talking about Avian Flu – also known as Bird Flu. The main cause of concern with Avian Flu is that there is no vaccine, no treatment and humans do not have any kind of resistance to the disease.

Not being a health care professional, my main question is – does the theory of Bird Flu also apply to Swine Flu? If someone has an answer to that question, maybe they can post it in the forum.

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