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Rivers around the world may be going dry

Rivers around the world may be going dry
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A recent article on the BBC details how some of the world’s major rivers are drying up

Water levels in some of the world’s most important rivers have declined significantly over the past 50 years, US researchers say.

They say the reduced flows are linked to climate change and will have a major impact as the human population grows.

Areas across the southern part of the USA have experienced periods of drought in just the past couple of years.  In Texas, between the last part of 2008  and the first part of 2009 – 90% of the state was in drought condition.

Even if you believe that global warming is a myth, there is one thing that can not be denied – that the human population is growing.  As cities grow, so does the demand for water.  Keep in mind that most cities use river water as their main source of fresh water.  As the water levels of the rivers starts to drop, what do you think that will mean when coupled with rising demand.

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