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Urban survival tips for men

Urban survival tips for men
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Just a few tips to help the average male survive in the urban jungle.

When the garbage gets full, take it out. This does not mean stomp on the top of the trash, to try to get another beer can in.

Since the topic of beer was brought up, lay off a little bit so your beer belly will go down.

Help take care of the yard.

Take your dirty clothes to the wash room.

Rinse your plate off and put it into the dish washer.

If your wife mentions having her nails painted, offer to do it for her. Whether if you really want to or not, its the thought that counts. And if you mess up, there is always fingernail polish remover.

Buy your wife something at least once a month. And do not try to get off cheap.

Help with the dishes.

Help with the kids.

Spend time with the family.

A little patience goes a long way.

Listen to your wife / girlfriend and pay attention when she speaks.

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