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2009 food prices

2009 food prices
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An article posted on MSN should be great concern to everyone that eats some kind of food.

Nothing but worse for Texas drought

According to that article, 97% of Texas is in a drought. Some people might be saying “so what?” Well, there is a lot to be worried about. Texas is the 2nd largest agricultural state in the nation. Everything from beef to zucchini is grown in Texas. That means, if Texas has a bad drought, and crops fail, the price of food goes up nation wide – maybe even on a global scale.

With so many people out of work, high food prices is the one thing we do not need right now.

The concern should not only on on Texas, but other states and nations.  If the crops from one state fails, the markets will have some degree of flexibility.  But, if crops fail in several states, or, if the crops fail in several nations fail across the world, things could get bad.

This is the kind of stuff that can cause panic buying.  Whether there is actually a food shortage or not, really does not really matter.  There will be people out there that go into a buying frenzy at the slightest mention of “shortage”.  The panic buying, coupled with a slight food shortage can equal a moderate to large major food shortage.

If your concerned about the future price of food, consider planting a home garden.

On a personal note, I am not too worried about the food supply, I am more worried about the panic buying like what happened in the summer of 2008.  Some large discount stores had to limit the amount of beans and rice that people could buy.  Mainly because of people buying 100 – 200 pounds of rice at a time.  There was a small shortage that turned into a moderate shortage and nation wide panic – partially due to crop failure and partially due to panic buying on a massive scale.

  While driving around East Texas, it looks like more fields are being plowed this year, as compared to 2008. Hopefully more families will be planting a garden this year.

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