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Evacuation plans

Evacuation plans
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Every family unit should have some kind of evacuation plan in place. These plans should include, but are not limited to:
Road Maps – detailed maps of your area, including all the way to the destination.  Know where the construction zones are and ways to avoid those areas.

Supplies for the trip – this includes food, water, bedding, reading material, cell phone charger, cell phone, cash money, and any other special needs items.

Communications – if there is more then one car or truck in the unit, a way to communicate with the driver of that other vehicle without the need of a cell phone. An example of this is a 9 – 20 mile range hand held radio.

A place to go – most people that evacuate have no idea where they are going. Have a destination and make sure there is a place to stay once the unit reaches the destination.

Knowing when to leave – Some people wait too long, or wait too late. Its important to understand how serious the situation is and take action when needed.

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