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Autoimmune disorders and breastfeeding

Autoimmune disorders and breastfeeding
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Before we get started, I (Kevin) am not a medical professional. What has been posted here is my opinion, and is not medical advice. Do not even consider this article as medical advice, because its not – its jut my non-professional opinion.

There was an interesting article on the British Broadcasting Company website about Autoimmune Disorders.

Here is the link –

There was one paragraph that really stood out.

There is compelling evidence that something in our immune systems has changed since our ancestors, in fact has changed since our great grandparents.

One major factor in our society has in fact changed since our grandparents, and that is the number of women that breastfeed their children.

When a woman breastfeeds, they pass some of the disease resistance that they have developed to the child. If the child is not breastfed, that child has to develop resistance to diseases without the help of their mother. In other words, children that are not breastfed are thrown into a world full is disease and left to defend theirselves on their own.  We would not let a dog attack our child and not help.  So why would parents not want to help their children when a virus or bacteria attack?  How many parents would die trying to defend their children from an attacker, but some parents will not even breastfeed.

Starting in the mid 19oos, more and more women started bottle feeding. There were even TV commercials that told people how good formula was for the baby. And how science has improved baby formula so that it is better then breast milk. We now know that those TV commercials were a lie.

Breastfeeding has a life long effect on your child. Give your new baby the best start it can have – breastfeed your baby.

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